Friday, May 25, 2012

SUMMER at GYMFIT begins on June 20 SIGN UP NOW!

CLASSES: GYMTOTS for 15 months to 36 months on 
                     Wednesday and Thursday mornings
             LITTLE PARTNERS, a family class for kids 3 to 6 
                     years and their grown up on Wednesday and 
                     Thursday mornings and Thursday afternoon at 5:00
            KARATE on Wednesday afternoon for kids 3 to 12 
                      years. Beginner and Intermediate.

            KARATE on Wednesday evening for teens, adults and   
                             All advanced ranks
            JIU-JITSU on Wednesday 7:30pm for 10 years to adults - Beginner level
CAMPS:     MINI CAMP for 2 and 3 years on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings
                    GYMKIDS for 4 to 8 years on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
KARATE DAYS: WORKSHOPS and CLINICS for all ages and ranks on Wednesdays and 
                              Fridays. Conditioning; Forms; Katas; Self Defense; Sparring; Board Breaking.
**New students welcome in All of our programs


Thursday, May 10, 2012


Shihan Carlos held a Board and Brick Breaking clinic at GymFit on Saturday, May 12 .  All ranks from Tiny Tigers to Black Belts attended. Everyone warmed up with breaking techniques, the little ones decorated their boards before breaking them.The advanced students broke boards and bricks. Even moms and dads showed their power!