Friday, May 25, 2012

SUMMER at GYMFIT begins on June 20 SIGN UP NOW!

CLASSES: GYMTOTS for 15 months to 36 months on 
                     Wednesday and Thursday mornings
             LITTLE PARTNERS, a family class for kids 3 to 6 
                     years and their grown up on Wednesday and 
                     Thursday mornings and Thursday afternoon at 5:00
            KARATE on Wednesday afternoon for kids 3 to 12 
                      years. Beginner and Intermediate.

            KARATE on Wednesday evening for teens, adults and   
                             All advanced ranks
            JIU-JITSU on Wednesday 7:30pm for 10 years to adults - Beginner level
CAMPS:     MINI CAMP for 2 and 3 years on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings
                    GYMKIDS for 4 to 8 years on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
KARATE DAYS: WORKSHOPS and CLINICS for all ages and ranks on Wednesdays and 
                              Fridays. Conditioning; Forms; Katas; Self Defense; Sparring; Board Breaking.
**New students welcome in All of our programs